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  • Rational.

  • Radical.

About R3

R3 is a non-profit think tank that seeks to mobilize youth into meaningful service around the world.

What we do?

Facilitate opportunities for committed youth to volunteer their gifts in service, media, technology, and music.

Don't judge a man by where he is, for you don't know how far he has come.


Our culturally diverse team is Young, Experienced, and Passionate.

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built the dream


Our projects seek to be creative, fresh, bold and ethical, and always thought through carefully, collaboratively, and executed with patience.

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Our Testimonials

  • R3 does a lot of the things that I only dream about doing in the future. However, it caused my secret fear that my colleagues will finish the work before I even get on the field.

    Joneen Wilson
  • It is unreal the amount of people who are impressed by the mission statement of R3 and want to be a part of that. It's making me so excited for the future.

    Allie Ogilvie
  • R3 has that Christ-focus. Rational, we weren’t trying to catch people and bring them in by emotion. It was practical, answering people’s questions. Radical, it was still something with young people leading it, and it was amazing.

    Ashley Bloom
  • R3 really utilizes the Biblical model that Christ left in Matthew—teaching, preaching, and healing—and that perfect synergy together, to meet the needs of the people and to impart those spiritual blessings that would allow them to grow into a loving relationship with Christ, to prepare them to meet Him face to face.

    Joanne Cross
  • R3 is a really great opportunity for young people to experience Christ firsthand in the mission field, away from their own comfort zone. It’s an accessible and practical way for people to experience Jesus, to share Jesus.

    Jennifer Zambales
  • My favorite part was seeing the children taking the Bibles and reading them. To think of what effect that may have in years to come, the possibilities are just endless.

    Joanne Cross

Our Featured Portfolio

If you like what we have done, hire us or join us as we link the professions, training, and talents of Youth with radical service.


PO BOX 130320, Ann Arbor, MI, 48113 USA

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If you're thirsting for mission and opportunities to serve alongside a global community of youth, we'd love to partner with you in service.

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